About the Training Arena

About iconAbout the CC & OER Training Arena

The OER & CC Training Arena is a virtual space where CC & OER Superhero faculty can learn more about topics to help in the fight for open education to ultimately banish high-cost materials from higher education.

Superhero faculty will learn about Creative Commons (CC), copyright fundamentals, fair use, sharing work through CC licensing, and finding and using open education resources (OER).

Each “station” in the Arena is equipped with the necessary information for learning more about these essential areas, and practice challenge activities are suggested.

The Arena is designed so participant instructors can quickly work through each topic. It will be important to keep the station modules and activities short and repeatable with busy workloads. This training should take 3-4 hours total to complete. The approximate time for each module is listed on each station.

The Arena’s goal is to foster greater awareness of OER and Creative Commons within the university and encourage instructors to engage in copyright and copyleft sharing and promote open pedagogy and a culture of sharing.


From Share OER Challenge Activity

#1 Pop-quiz.

Is this work on WikiMedia Commons in the public domain?

No the WikiMedia Commons image is CC BY-SA (attribution share-alike). While this license is considered an open culture license, it is not in the public domain. You will need to give attribution and if you use it publicly you must license and share it with the same or compatible license.

If you use it in a collection with this image, what CC license would you choose for your collection?  

Since this image is CC BY-NC (attribution non-commercial) and the first image is CC BY-SA, a combination CC BY-NC-SA will need to be used. This is not an open culture license.